Linking home and kindergarten/school

Right from birth, children develop knowledge, skills and attitudes in mutual interaction with other children and adults. Kindergarten and school are therefore central co-players in the child’s development. Here, children are given the opportunity to develop basic skills through play and learning in a social setting.

By knowing what is happening in kindergarten and school, parents can be important supporters for their child. They can also more easily prevent problems from appearing, help their child through difficult periods and be a support for the child in its process of learning.


For this to happen, it is important with well-functioning cooperation between home and kindergarten or school. This is a mutual responsibility  but kindergarten and school have a duty to initiate the process. The cooperation should be based on mutual information and be focused on the child’s progress and development.


For children with behavioral problems it is particularly important that the adults involved all meet the child’s behavior with the same reactions. Good contact between home and kindergarten/school is the best way to ensure an integrated approach in each case. In most occurrences the child’s behavioral problems rarely happens only either at home or in kindergarten/school.


The PMTO-therapist, together with the parents, will contact and try to establish good cooperation with kindergarten and school to agree on how best to adapt to the child’s needs.

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