Good Directions

This is about giving good directions. Giving good directions is your first step towards achieving good cooperation with your child. When parents give good and effective directions it is more likely that the child will comply with what the parents say. This contributes to creating a cooperative atmosphere at home. A cooperative child will get better opportunities for developing both at home, among friends and in daycare / school. 

Characteristics of directions that encourage cooperation

  • Make sure you have the child’s attention before giving a direction
  • Make eye contact
  • Be physically close
  • Be specific
  • Be clear and use simple words
  • Be polite but firm
  • Give one direction at the time
  • Wait until the child complies with the direction
  • Avoid argumentations
  • Praise the child when it complies with the direction

Children who struggle with following directions need extra help. Knowing how to give good directions is one of the first PMTO skills parents are taught. Parents will learn to recognize what charaterizes a good direction how they can be given and followed up, and how it increases the likelihood for the child to cooperate.

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