When do I need to seek help?

When negative behavior has become a pattern

Parents may face many challenges raising their children. It is not always easy to know how to interact with a child who does not listen to his or her parents, who is defiant, in opposition, and who perhaps uses foul language, threatens, hits, kicks and bites. Every child may behave in this way on occasion, but if this type of behavior becomes a pattern that lasts over a longer time period and the parents feel that they are at a loss, they may need someone to help them.

Which services are appropriate for my family?

It is important to distinguish between information or general advice about child rearing and measures for parents of children who have particular challenges that the parents wish to prevent or treat.  PMTO and TIBIR are services that target parents of children who have developed or who are showing early signs of behavioral problems.

If as a parent you find that you are unhappy in your parenting role and/or are experiencing many challenges in relation to your child, we encourage you to get in touch with one of our services for an informal conversation.

If you want to read more about how you can deal with your child's challenging behavior, we recommend these books:


  • ”Foreldrehjelpen  - Oppdragelse som virker”  by Egil Launes and Knut Halfdan Svendsen.
  •  "The Incredible Years" by  Carolyn Webster-Stratton.
  • «PMTO Foreldretrening for familier som har barn med atferdsvansker» by Elisabeth Askeland, Anett Apeland and Roar Solholm.

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