Brief Parent Training

Brief Parent Training is one of the interventions in the Early Initiatives for Children at Risk (TIBIR) prevention programme.  It takes place over a short time period and is built on the principles outlined in the Parent Management Training – Oregon (PMTO) treatment method.

Who is this service for?

Brief Parent Training is offered to the parents of children between three and 12 years of age who are exhibiting signs of emerging behavioral problems. 

What are the aims of Brief Parent Training?

Brief Parent Training aims to help families at as early a stage as possible. Through advice and guidance, parents are assisted in preventing emerging behavioral problems and encouraging the child's positive development.

How we work
  • Weekly conversations with a parent advisor.
  • 3-5 meetings per family.
  • Both parents should participate if they live together. Alternatively, any step-parent who lives with the child can participate.
  • Examples of meetingtopics :
    • Collaboration and positive messages/feedback
    • Learning new skills through the systematic use of praise and encouragement.
    • Setting boundaries.
    • Supervision and following up.
    • Problem-solving related to day-to-day challenges in the family.
  • Parents practise how to interact with the child in a way that might redirect undesired developments in the child.

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