PMTO Parent Group

Parent groups are one of the interventions in the Early Initiatives for Children at Risk (TIBIR) programme.  The intervention is based on the principles in the Parent Management Training- Oregon (PMTO) treatment method.

Who is this service for?

PMTO groups are offered to parents of children between three and 12 years of age who have developed or are at risk of developing behavioral problems.

What are the aims of the group?

The goal of the group is for the parents and child to re-establish a positive relationship. The treatment also aims to reduce oppositional behavior and promote positive development.

How we work 
  • Parent group is lead by two experts.
  • 12 weekly meetings
  • There are 12-16 parents per group.
  • Both parents should participate if they live together. Alternatively, any step-parent who lives with the child can participate.
  • The parents receive training in constructive ways of interacting with their child.
  • Active practising of alternative ways of interacting with and handling the child.

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