PMTO experiences

"So much has happened since I started attending PMTO. Someone has been there for me as a parent. I was really depressed, faced great challenges and was unable to find joy in being a parent... It is difficult to articulate just how much PMTO has meant for me as a parent."


"Things are calm now. I dont have to nag and shout. Im attentive to how I phrase things. Our home has become a good place to be. It is harmonious."


"We were looking for the tools to tackle a foster child we were struggling to handle. We have experienced a significant reduction in the number of difficult situations such as discussions, shouting, banging of doors and refusing to do as he is told."


"He respects us more when we make ourselves clear and do not enter into difficult discussions. We have probably also gained more respect for him as a person, and listen better."


"Early on, I was told that I needed to be consistent. Yet nobody told me what that meant...I tried different strategies, which made the situation in our home unpredictable. In the end, I became very strict and tried to take a hard line. The problems escalated, and the atmosphere at home was tense and bad. The help from PMTO has been invaluable."


"I have learnt a lot about myself, and can say that the PMTO programme has helped me develop myself just as much as it has helped me become more comprehensible mum for my boys."


"We have experienced PMTO as rewarding and educational. We now have a common basis for reacting in the same way. Using PMTO, we both react to him in the same way whether it is sanction or praise."

"Previously, I sometimes felt my stomach knot when I heard him outside the door, on his way in. Now, I can honestly say that I’m happy when I hear him coming home from school."


"Our everyday life has become easier. I no longer enter discussions and react illogically. I feel more secure and know what to do and how to tackle various situations. PMTO has given me more confidence in my role as a parent, and has contributed to my child being calmer and more satisfied and happy."


"The PMTO therapist came along to the cooperation meeting with the school, and we found this to be very positive."


"PMTO has become part of my life. I use what I have learned daily, and we have moved from being in a vicious cycle to being in a positive cycle. Now, we are more positive and happy. As the parent I make the decisions, but I also hear what my child is saying and collaboration has become important."


"As a parent it has been very educational and at same time fun and nice to be at the PMTO meetings. I encourage you to spread information about PMTO so that more parents can receive help." 

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