TIBIR stands for ”Tidlig innsats for barn i risiko” ("Early Initiatives for Children at Risk"). It is a programme for the prevention and treatment of behavioral problems in children.

Who is this service for?

TIBIR is a service for families with children between three and 12 years of age and whose children have developed or are at risk of developing behavioral problems.

The service is provided through municipal services such as public health clinics, the educational and psychological counselling service, child welfare services, kindergartens and schools. TIBIR services are currently offered in 104 of Norway's 356 municipalities.

What are the aims of the service?

  • To prevent and treat behavioral problems at an early stage, and to contribute to the development of positive and prosocial behavior.
  • To provide experts with a common understanding of how behavioral problems arise and of how they may be prevented or treated

What does TIBIR involve?

 The programme consists of six services for families with children between three and 12 years of age who have or who are at risk of developing behavioral problems.

  •   Assessment to identify emerging or existing behavioral problems.
  •   Brief Parent Training: targeting parents of children at risk.
  •   PMTO Parent Group
  •   PMTO: a treatment method for parents of children with behavioral problems.
  •   Teacher Consultation: for employees in kindergartens and schools.
  •   Child Social Skills Training

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